[149/300] – JASON is here!

It’s July now! This officially marks the end of the first half of the year, and the start of the second half. As I look back at past years, I usually enjoy the second half better than the first half. Maybe because the finale is my birthday month. 😀

If you’re wondering who this new guy called Jason is, he is an awesome and exciting man. In fact, we all get to welcome Jason into our lives on an annual basis! Check him out:

July August September October November, and we have JASON! Ain’t it cool! 😎 So, Jason will be with me through a period of healing and reconstruction of my physical, financial and spiritual world. And when we finally reach the finale month of December, it’s gonna be great as I take off and party my birthday month away amidst the sun, sand and sea. YEAH~~

And the stars must have been on my side today, because I see a record-breaking hits of 3235 on the street today! Although only 4 times, it is still impressive considering the span of time I was on the go. Seeing 3235 on the road makes me happy and lifts my spirits up immediately. I see this as an affirmation of thoughts or/and actions I have been doing which are on the right track. So it keeps me positive and forward-moving. YES! 😉

The more time and effort I invest in achieving my dreams with JASON, the more fun and excitement I’ll bring into December. JYJY!

♥ JY 🙂


[140/300] – time heals all wounds

Hola hola!

I did some reflection just last night while flipping though my going-to-expire passport, filled with chops. As I traced back the dates on the stamps, I started to think back on the people I had travelled with, the places we’ve been to, was it for a special occasion, etc etc. So much memories came pouring back! And I was kinda smiling in my heart and feeling pretty elated and at peace.

If I was doing this same thing just 1 or 2 years back, I wouldn’t have had such pleasant and sweet emotions. Instead I think I’d be feeling bitter and resentful, and will choose to just throw my passport aside, abruptly shut the door of my emotions and go to bed in a not-so-good mood.

Now I know, that I have really moved forward, my heart has moved on too. As I always say, I know I will eventually be grateful and thankful for all good and not-so-good experiences and events that I have to go through. I used to be just saying it, now I know I’m feeling it as well. The spiritual freedom I felt last night was just so light-hearted and weightless, that I’ve come to accept all that has passed with a positive and graceful attitude. Most importantly, I’ve come to accept myself and who I am today (this includes my past as well). This feels really good!

As I look back, my heart and my life shattered into pieces just as year 2012 started. When I thought I could depend on another important aspect in my life to rebuild myself, it crumbled into pieces just as year 2013 unfolded as well. I think I totally lost myself, lost my heart and lost my soul. From then till now, so many things have happened, so many events have passed, I’ve come to realize the people and things I hold most dearly to. These are the people who will always be with me, no matter what happens; to share my joy and celebrate my achievements during good times, and to support me and continue to have unwavering faith, confidence and trust in me during bad times. So blessed to have them in my life.

Almost half of this year has passed. Things have been going pretty well so far, and different parts of my life are starting to fall into pieces. I know some wounds have been healed, but I’m well aware that I’ve not fully recovered yet. So, I shall dedicate the remaining time of this year to complete my wound-healing process, as well as to recreate a more beautiful and loving heart and soul. There will be some scars on it, it may seem imperfect, but it will shine and radiate brightly because of these scars. Without these scars, there wouldn’t be substance and flavour to it. And life is all about savouring different spices and flavours, isn’t it? With a bigger heart and a more beautiful soul, I am totally looking forward to celebrating my birthday and ending this year with a bang in Aussie! Moving on into the new year, I guess I’ll be ready to open my heart to love again. 🙂

Family 9March2014

♥ JY 🙂

[100/300] the little things

Hello! It’s been 100 days since I’ve embarked on this journey! I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t been consistent for most of the time. 😦

Woke up today, realizing that many a times, it’s the little things that matter. It’s the small and seemingly unimportant things we do on a daily basis, that make all the difference that matter. Key point here: ON A DAILY BASIS. What took me so long to realize?!

Take my money tree plant for example. There hasn’t been new buds coming out for many many months, but Dad still reminds me to water it everyday. Just 2 weeks back, I started to notice small buds coming out. And yesterday, they were ready to break out of the cocoon! Awesome isn’t it?


Once again, I’m being reminded of the importance of consistency. You do not only put in effort when things are going your way. When things are not going your way, that’s the time when you’ve gotta work doubly hard and put in even more effort, in the direction of your belief.

Lastly, my current fave song It’s On Again by one of my fave singer, Alicia Keys. She has so many awesome and great tracks! It’s not difficult to find one which can really connect to your soul. Enjoy!

♥ JY 🙂


[91/300] A New Beginning – Action Phase

Hello everydarbee, I’m back! It’s been a long long break from my daily blog, from living life as it should. I’ve been under the tortoise shell for far too long, it’s high time to be back in action.

Focus for this phase of the journey: ACTION. Less talk, more actions into this lifestyle business.

面对真正的自己,知道自己心里所要的,大步大步地勇敢前进. JYJY!


Cheers to awesomeness ♥ JY 🙂

Day 62 of 300

Time is just like a travelator, it keeps moving and moving, and will never stop. We are all passengers on this travelator.

Just like our heartbeat. Our heart never stops beating, regardless of the activities we are engaged in, or our state of consciousness.

Beauty on the face comes from beauty deep within the heart.

Time commitment. How much time do you commit to your dreams and the goals you’ve set out to achieve? How much effort and energy do you dedicate?

Today I suddenly realize something. Having gone through tough and hard times does not guarantee that you will become successful one fine day. It is not the passing of time that will lead you to where you want to be. It is the lessons and mistakes you learn from which mould you to become a better person and get you ready and prepared for great achievements. (Allow JY to take some time to chew on this, digest and let it circulate to every cell in my body. I’ll revisit this concept again.)

Bid farewell to the old JY, get ready to shed skin (and shed pounds too!) to welcome the new JY! YAY can’t wait!

Metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a cocoon to a butterfly! 脱胎换骨!

7 April 2014 – let this date mark the reborn of JY. WOOHOO!

238 more days to complete the metamorphosis and lead a new life; can’t wait to see how I’ll blossom at the end of this journey! 😉

♥ JY 🙂

Day 49 of 300

JY’s weather today is looking a little gloomy. There’s still some sunshine, but they’re hidden behind dark clouds and can only peek at the world through these clouds. It’s a fight between a glorious and sunny day, and a weeping rainy day.

The sunshine has a little edge over the rain today, which is a good sign. Sunshine is trying very hard to triumph over the raindrops, and wins by a small margin.

The chain of events which led to many people’s disappointments has already happened, and nothing can erase these emotions felt by them. Every single action and choice we make in every single second is being recorded down as history, and it can never be changed.

The only thing I can do now is to learn from these mistakes, let these failures push me even harder along the path towards success, and come back even stronger and higher.

Today, I must move at a speed twice as fast as I used to. I must put in twice as much effort as I used to. I must work darn harder than I used to. Only then can I build my future and recover the losses in the past.

I know, deep in my heart, that I will not go through tough and dark times for nothing. I know I am going through all these sh*t because I am built for something even bigger. These are trials and tests I must overcome along my journey towards success.


JYJY, I know I can. And I will do it. Just push yourself all the way. PUSH IT BABY!

251 more days to make everything worth!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 34 of 300

It’s cousin’s big day today! The most simple wedding I’ve been to so far, cosy and warm at the same time as close family members celebrate their union together. It was a lovely one!

I feel happy to be part of my cousin’s big day, and to play a rather important role as a coordinator. There weren’t plans for that, but somehow the situation just called for it and I just happily assumed the role. There were quite a fair bit of praises and compliments coming from my family and relatives, and I’m thankful for these encouragements. And I’m happy that I’ve helped to make the entire wedding smooth and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for giving me the chance to shine too!

Also, it’s time to up my game. Competitor detected, and this competitor is constantly on the move! He is none other than the ex. I’ve no idea why, but I’ve always been pitting myself against him since years back. It used to be in a revengeful and negative manner. This time round, in a healthy and competitive manner. So, YOU watch out. The ah-lian in JY is coming back. That crazy, lively and straightforward JY has reignited her fire! BURN LET IT BURN!

This girl is on fire!





Copy of IMG_0570


266 more days to step up the game, take the lead and emerge the winner!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 30 of 300

It’s official, I’m at the 10% mark of my 300 days of journey! But I haven’t felt that I’ve put it my 100% throughout this 10%.

Ok I think I will give myself a teeny weeny pat on my shoulders for destroying the procrastination monster inside me. It’s not totally dead yet, but I’ve definitely poisoned it. Die, monster P, DIE! Wahaha~

And, events that have happened during these 30 days have definitely added more fuel to the inner fire within me. Burn! Let it BURN!

For the entire of today, I’ve been putting this song on repeat mode! I’m rocking to the song even while on the train. Not sure why, but I feel so in sync with the song, and I feel so high after listening to it! It seems to be calling the demon inside me. Nope, the demon within me is not harmful or dangerous at all. But it is hungry, hungry for success. It has been put to sleep for too long; if it doesn’t wake up now it will probably not have the chance to do so!

Wake up demon, be aggressive, burn the inner fire and go fight for the success that you’re hungry for!

JY has been too soft and tamed for these past few years. It’s time to bring the ah-lian out of the closet, just like how she is when she has a beer in her hand.

I promise myself that the next 10% of the journey will be an even more awesome, aggressive and exciting one!

270 more days for the demon inside JY to be aggressive, burn on fire and fight for success!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 24 of 300


It’s been another good day! Saw my favourite number on the train cabin today. ting ting~ I always feel a surge of excitement when I see my favourite number on the road, it means that the frequency is right and the macro-environment (or you can call it the universe) is working in alignment. YEA!

During the drinking session with YQ last night, he said he has got a great takeaway from our chat. I was telling him about the life partner I have in mind, that he is a charming man, and that he is someone who is passionate about life (exact words in Chinese: 热爱生命). To attract this man into my life, I should work towards becoming such a lady. The part about being passionate about life struck YQ quite deeply, he was repeating the words and thinking about it even while we were on the way home.


I guess we haven’t really been living for most of our lives, we probably have just been existing. Feel your heartbeat; there was a phase in my life where I often question myself: what does my heart beat for? After that dark phase of feeling lost, uncertain, doubtful and down, I’m glad to have walked out of that phase, step by step, on my way into a brighter and more glorious phase of my life.

Today, I feel thankful and grateful for all those lost and dark times in my life. Without those moments, I won’t have asked myself a question so important and intriguing; without that question I probably won’t be able to get back on my feet and kick start my life into a brand new phase again.

Right now, I need to connect my mind to my heart and soul. Mind body and soul in sync with each other.

276 more days to rock this awesome year, because I know I will, and I am willing to go through whatever challenge that comes my way. PUSH IT BABY!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 22 of 300


I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night today, grabbed my phone and saw that it was 5.55am in the morning. Any experts in numerology can explain this phenomenon to me? Any significance or signs coming from my subconscious mind? I’m so gonna take up numerology as a subject of interest – added into my bucket list!

A series of events happening from last night throughout today, is sapping my energy bit by bit. I can feel the energy level dropping, fuel tank going from half-full to only a quarter full; as if the meter is reaching a neutral point, any lower will be into the negative region. NO! STOP AND PULL MYSELF BACK! Transform this into something positive!

Also, I feel some emotions of being threatened, as if the external competition is getting stronger and stronger. I used to have this feeling before, and it was a few years back. A mentor used to tell me that it’s good that I’m feeling the heat of the competition because it means my fighting spirit and confidence is being challenged and poked (I hope I’m interpreting him correctly). Back then, I let this heat burn me up, just like how fire burns paper into ashes, and everything just went viral in a very wrong manner and direction, with all the negative and destructive vibes.

Looking back at it today, I realized I should have transformed this heat into something which can push me. I should let the heat burn WITHIN me, ignite that fire and fighting spirit within myself, so that the fire can burn brightly and strongly. The wind can blow out the flame, it can also make the fire burn stronger!

Thank you for giving me the chance to commit past mistakes so that I can correct and improve myself today to shine brightly tomorrow. I must push myself hard, focus all my energy into laying the brick, every single day. It’s been a fairly constructive day by far, and there is definitely room for improvement. Let’s work towards a fruitful morning yoga stretch tomorrow, and a constructive and engaging Wednesday.

278 more days for JY’s transformation! Can’t wait to see how the “finished product”, the transformed JY looks like! Woohoo~

♥ JY 🙂