Day 62 of 300

Time is just like a travelator, it keeps moving and moving, and will never stop. We are all passengers on this travelator.

Just like our heartbeat. Our heart never stops beating, regardless of the activities we are engaged in, or our state of consciousness.

Beauty on the face comes from beauty deep within the heart.

Time commitment. How much time do you commit to your dreams and the goals you’ve set out to achieve? How much effort and energy do you dedicate?

Today I suddenly realize something. Having gone through tough and hard times does not guarantee that you will become successful one fine day. It is not the passing of time that will lead you to where you want to be. It is the lessons and mistakes you learn from which mould you to become a better person and get you ready and prepared for great achievements. (Allow JY to take some time to chew on this, digest and let it circulate to every cell in my body. I’ll revisit this concept again.)

Bid farewell to the old JY, get ready to shed skin (and shed pounds too!) to welcome the new JY! YAY can’t wait!

Metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a cocoon to a butterfly! 脱胎换骨!

7 April 2014 – let this date mark the reborn of JY. WOOHOO!

238 more days to complete the metamorphosis and lead a new life; can’t wait to see how I’ll blossom at the end of this journey! 😉

♥ JY 🙂


Day 61 of 300

It’s official; the old JY is dead. JY has taken on a new identity, and it is definitely not at all glamourous to most people; but it puts her on a brand new starting point again, lets her reset everything in her life and begin on a new slate. In Chinese, we call it: 置身死地而后生. Restart JY.

It all falls in place now. The blessings from ah gong and ah ma is totally spot-on! And I’m so relieved and glad that Dad can look at this issue from the same perspective as me. So so so glad about it.

7 April 2014 marks the rebirth of JY, this day will mark the start of the foundation-building phase of JYMDP. So looking forward!

239 more days to work hard, prove myself to Dad and Mum and make them proud!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 59 of 300

Important takeaway from coffee with MD today: focus on building your foundation, then it can hold any dreams you put on top of it. That will be your bottom line. No foundation, no dreams to talk of.

Phase 2: 300 Days of Freedom – Back to Basics

So, lay your bricks one by one, and build your foundation bit by bit.

241 more days to unfold the awesome year of transformation!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 58 of 300

Alrights, I’m getting closer and closer to knowing myself more now. Besides reviewing my life and perspectives for the past few life-changing years, the ex-bf recommended to us a very useful book for the industry. I’ve been reading it for these 2 days, I’ve to say it’s a really intriguing book, with some contents really close to my heart. The know-why of my relentless pursuit towards freedom is becoming clearer and clearer, with that the know-how will flow to me naturally as well!

Getting excited on the revamp of my blog tomorrow! Hopefully I can finish it on time!

242 more days to build your freedom, and to build your asset to generate your passive income!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 56 of 300

31 March 2014, last day of Q1 of the year. Time to flush out all unhappiness and issues which make me feel down, and welcome the Q2 with an open heart and mind.

I believe that Q2 will be a different one. It’s spring and flowers will bloom for all. Believe in the beauty of your dreams! Push myself harder!

244 more days to transform and emerge a brand new JY! JYJY!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 53 of 300

Crap. I’ve been feeling nostalgic and slightly more emotional since last night till now. I haven’t felt like this for a long time, and I don’t like myself this way. I want myself to be emotionally and mentally strong and independent. This is one of the really rare days where I’m actually feeling lonely and emotionally tired; I just want to grab some beer, lie on a man’s shoulders and start whining and letting all my emotions out.


Well, I guess everyone has their up and down moments, just like the “down” moments I’m going through now. The difference is how people handle it. Ok fine, come on down moments, if you need to make a compulsory visit to my mind and heart. Please don’t stay for long, I need you to go away to make way for the up moments very soon ok!

Let’s make this last weekend of March and Q1 an awesome, productive and superb one to prepare for the exciting Q2 ahead!

247 more days for JY’s amazing 2014!

♥ JY 🙂