[149/300] – JASON is here!

It’s July now! This officially marks the end of the first half of the year, and the start of the second half. As I look back at past years, I usually enjoy the second half better than the first half. Maybe because the finale is my birthday month. 😀

If you’re wondering who this new guy called Jason is, he is an awesome and exciting man. In fact, we all get to welcome Jason into our lives on an annual basis! Check him out:

July August September October November, and we have JASON! Ain’t it cool! 😎 So, Jason will be with me through a period of healing and reconstruction of my physical, financial and spiritual world. And when we finally reach the finale month of December, it’s gonna be great as I take off and party my birthday month away amidst the sun, sand and sea. YEAH~~

And the stars must have been on my side today, because I see a record-breaking hits of 3235 on the street today! Although only 4 times, it is still impressive considering the span of time I was on the go. Seeing 3235 on the road makes me happy and lifts my spirits up immediately. I see this as an affirmation of thoughts or/and actions I have been doing which are on the right track. So it keeps me positive and forward-moving. YES! 😉

The more time and effort I invest in achieving my dreams with JASON, the more fun and excitement I’ll bring into December. JYJY!

♥ JY 🙂


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