[122/300] Positive Affirmation

Hola hola! It’s been a good start to the month thus far!

First of all, I went for my first ever spinning class on 2 June. Man, it was really tough! My limbs had difficulty supporting my weight as I tried to get my butt off the bike, so I ended up sitting on the saddle for most of the lesson. 2 days later on 4 June, I went for my 2nd spinning lesson, and I could lift my butt off the saddle for most of the lesson! Managed to keep up with the lesson, just that my own pace is way too relaxed compared to others. Self consolation: it’s ok, there is improvement from the previous spinning class! HAHA! And I earned not 1, but 2 “badges of honour”!

IMG_6656 IMG_6655


Also, I’ve spotted my 3235 more than once per day! Loving the magic of Law of Attraction!

An important addition to my life during the past few days was a positive affirmation to myself. Whenever I did something which will put me in the right direction I want to head towards; be it flossing my teeth before sleep, moisturizing my legs, or waking up early for gym classes, no matter how small the action may seem, I will say to myself: FOR EVERY DISCIPLINED EFFORT, THERE IS A MULTIPLE REWARD. So you can imagine how frequently I repeat this to myself during spinning classes!

When sweat drips down my face, I feel good! When my legs feel numb, wobbly and jelly-like after spinning as if they don’t belong to my body anymore, I feel good! When I feel the aches on my butt and thigh when climbing stairs, I feel good!

Way to go JY! Can’t wait to see how gorgeous and sexy I can get as I keep burning fats and work out for the next half of the year! Sorry totally no humility or modesty here 😉

♥ JY 🙂





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