[100/300] the little things

Hello! It’s been 100 days since I’ve embarked on this journey! I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t been consistent for most of the time. 😦

Woke up today, realizing that many a times, it’s the little things that matter. It’s the small and seemingly unimportant things we do on a daily basis, that make all the difference that matter. Key point here: ON A DAILY BASIS. What took me so long to realize?!

Take my money tree plant for example. There hasn’t been new buds coming out for many many months, but Dad still reminds me to water it everyday. Just 2 weeks back, I started to notice small buds coming out. And yesterday, they were ready to break out of the cocoon! Awesome isn’t it?


Once again, I’m being reminded of the importance of consistency. You do not only put in effort when things are going your way. When things are not going your way, that’s the time when you’ve gotta work doubly hard and put in even more effort, in the direction of your belief.

Lastly, my current fave song It’s On Again by one of my fave singer, Alicia Keys. She has so many awesome and great tracks! It’s not difficult to find one which can really connect to your soul. Enjoy!

♥ JY 🙂



[91/300] A New Beginning – Action Phase

Hello everydarbee, I’m back! It’s been a long long break from my daily blog, from living life as it should. I’ve been under the tortoise shell for far too long, it’s high time to be back in action.

Focus for this phase of the journey: ACTION. Less talk, more actions into this lifestyle business.

面对真正的自己,知道自己心里所要的,大步大步地勇敢前进. JYJY!


Cheers to awesomeness ♥ JY 🙂