Day 61 of 300

It’s official; the old JY is dead. JY has taken on a new identity, and it is definitely not at all glamourous to most people; but it puts her on a brand new starting point again, lets her reset everything in her life and begin on a new slate. In Chinese, we call it: 置身死地而后生. Restart JY.

It all falls in place now. The blessings from ah gong and ah ma is totally spot-on! And I’m so relieved and glad that Dad can look at this issue from the same perspective as me. So so so glad about it.

7 April 2014 marks the rebirth of JY, this day will mark the start of the foundation-building phase of JYMDP. So looking forward!

239 more days to work hard, prove myself to Dad and Mum and make them proud!

♥ JY 🙂


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