Day 50 of 300

Another 10 days have gone by!

I feel much stronger and motivated today, it’s as if a piece of my core has been properly activated. YAYS! Am looking forward to the miracles I can create in the coming year!

I was doing some JYMDP calculation today, am glad and excited to know that I’m still on time! But I have to hurry and be ahead of time. Live a day as if it’s 3 days. Speed is of the essence!

Come to think of it, I always remind my student to focus on doing his Maths sums accurately and be so familiar with the questions such that he will become fast naturally. He tends to make a lot of careless mistakes and overlook on the entire picture when he focuses too much on speed. So, when you focus on doing the right things repeatedly until you are so familiar with it, speed will come naturally.

Note to JY: focus on doing the right things properly and repeatedly, speed will come naturally. Perfect practice makes perfect.


250 more days to unleash JY’s year of awesomeness!

♥ JY 🙂



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