Day 45 of 300

I just finished watching the entire episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss edition on this girl Jami. It was the episode I was mentioning in my Day 41 of 300 post.

Her journey was totally amazing. She went from a terribly low state of mental well-being, just a few hours away from her suicide plan, to a confident gorgeous lady in 365 days! The thing is, she hasn’t reached the perfect body yet, but she has reached the REAL her. Instead of putting her focus on the numbers on the scale, she has learnt to shift her focus to fitness. It’s a little like shifting your perspective from the end result to the process and the journey.

It gave me an idea, that probably I should just learn to enjoy this wonderful journey and surprises which every single day unfolds.

Back to my favourite analogy of building a building VS laying bricks:

Enjoy and savour the process of laying the bricks one by one, day by day.

So, JY should give thanks for being able to open her eyes every morning, do the things that she wants which will lead her to her dreams, having the freedom to choose, and having the opportunity of the century in right in her hands.

It all lies within me. JYJY!

255 more days to unleash the power within me and unfold the awesome year!

♥ JY 🙂


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