Day 42 of 300


It’s been a good day so far, all things are still pretty manageable. Received some very good new in the evening when we met up with B, MD and Jon. These info put me even closer and nearer to my JYMDP! I guess the real excitement will kick in when I digest and run through the entire impact of the change. Looking forward!

During the meeting, we discussed something which we’ve previously mentioned before. But it struck a chord in me this time round. How many “what if”s have you ever wondered? Just now, I was wondering what if we did not have this last lifeline. This business we’re building now is literally our last lifeline to turn the entire situation around and change our lives from super negative to super positive.

I realized many a times I’ve been taking it too lightly, always thinking that there’s always time and it will always be there for me. Now that I asked myself, what if one day this life-changing opportunity just slips away from my hands? Have I cherished this opportunity enough and made the best out of it? Similarly, have I cherished my every single day enough and put it to the fullest? The answer is clear, I have not. 😦

I must remind myself to be thankful and express my feelings of gratitude whenever my mind is not occupied with any thoughts. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! And every minute of my life must have a purpose tagged to it. Only then, at the end of the day I can ensure that I have spent my day well.

258 more days to transform my life and accomplish my JYMDP!

♥ JY 🙂


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