Day 41 of 300

R&R Sunday with mum and sis, quite a simple and satisfying lunch and some shopping thereafter. Good to spend quality time with these 2 ladies. 🙂

I chanced upon this show on cable TV, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. I’ve watched previous episodes before. I started watching this episode halfway through its screening on TV while we were having dinner. Somehow, I felt that I could resonate with the main character Jami (not because we have very similar English names). Of course her entire journey to weight loss was anything but easy. But along the way she found the right positive attitude to face it, and worked really hard for her weight loss. At the finale event when she did her last weigh-in and display her new appearance and body in front of her family, friends and community, everyone was cheering for her real hard and enthusiastically! She dropped from almost 300 pounds to 160 pounds! Her coach was ecstatic and simply over the moon to see such a positive and amazing change in her body, mind and soul; in short, her entire being!

Suddenly, I imagined how the scenario would look like if I was the main character and people cheered for me as I achieved my JYMDP for this year. Jami took 365 days to transform herself, my time frame is within a year too. As I imagined the picture, I know it’d feel awesome and fantastic!

Her coach was really really happy to be able to help her with such an amazing transformation. I believe my 大哥 MD would have felt the same way as him too. And if I could help my guys achieve their dreams, I’d be pushed up to another level and accomplish another level of achievement too! 

WOW. I need more of such visions and imaginations in my mind to push me hard everyday. Thank you for providing me with such good reminders and inspirations so that I can imagine the celebration of my JYMDP achievement with my loved ones and friends. It’s really not an easy feat. I don’t think anyone within my community have ever done this before. Thank you for giving me the chance to be the first to prove and to be outstanding and shine among the rest. Thank you, I really need such inspiring and high emotions!

259 days to believe in the fighter and female warrior in JY, convert that fighting spirit into action, fight a good and worthy battle, and emerge as the winner!

♥ JY 🙂

Watch the video here (I’m gonna watch the full video too):

Hope this story gives all viewers as much inspiration and motivation as it gave me! 😉


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