Day 34 of 300

It’s cousin’s big day today! The most simple wedding I’ve been to so far, cosy and warm at the same time as close family members celebrate their union together. It was a lovely one!

I feel happy to be part of my cousin’s big day, and to play a rather important role as a coordinator. There weren’t plans for that, but somehow the situation just called for it and I just happily assumed the role. There were quite a fair bit of praises and compliments coming from my family and relatives, and I’m thankful for these encouragements. And I’m happy that I’ve helped to make the entire wedding smooth and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for giving me the chance to shine too!

Also, it’s time to up my game. Competitor detected, and this competitor is constantly on the move! He is none other than the ex. I’ve no idea why, but I’ve always been pitting myself against him since years back. It used to be in a revengeful and negative manner. This time round, in a healthy and competitive manner. So, YOU watch out. The ah-lian in JY is coming back. That crazy, lively and straightforward JY has reignited her fire! BURN LET IT BURN!

This girl is on fire!





Copy of IMG_0570


266 more days to step up the game, take the lead and emerge the winner!

♥ JY 🙂


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