Day 30 of 300

It’s official, I’m at the 10% mark of my 300 days of journey! But I haven’t felt that I’ve put it my 100% throughout this 10%.

Ok I think I will give myself a teeny weeny pat on my shoulders for destroying the procrastination monster inside me. It’s not totally dead yet, but I’ve definitely poisoned it. Die, monster P, DIE! Wahaha~

And, events that have happened during these 30 days have definitely added more fuel to the inner fire within me. Burn! Let it BURN!

For the entire of today, I’ve been putting this song on repeat mode! I’m rocking to the song even while on the train. Not sure why, but I feel so in sync with the song, and I feel so high after listening to it! It seems to be calling the demon inside me. Nope, the demon within me is not harmful or dangerous at all. But it is hungry, hungry for success. It has been put to sleep for too long; if it doesn’t wake up now it will probably not have the chance to do so!

Wake up demon, be aggressive, burn the inner fire and go fight for the success that you’re hungry for!

JY has been too soft and tamed for these past few years. It’s time to bring the ah-lian out of the closet, just like how she is when she has a beer in her hand.

I promise myself that the next 10% of the journey will be an even more awesome, aggressive and exciting one!

270 more days for the demon inside JY to be aggressive, burn on fire and fight for success!

♥ JY 🙂


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