Day 28 of 300


Just as I was telling my family about the incident with the nasty guy the previous day at the wedding, something suddenly popped out in my mind. I think I used to treat someone in a similar manner as well, and that person is my ex-bf. Oh no, so that must have been how he’d felt when someone doesn’t treat him with respect. And I must have looked totally awful and ugly when treating someone like this (because I thought the disrespectful guy looked awful too). Damn, now it’s coming back in a big circle of karma.

Ok, the final closure to my previous relationship must be done ASAP. Just a final conclusion and an answer to myself, and I’ll be totally good to carry on my life in the direction of my future life partner – my charming man, filled with passion for life!

It’s gonna be an early night, so let’s keep today’s post short and sweet.

272 more days to prove it; to prove that others’ judgments are wrong, and most importantly, to prove to myself that I WILL MAKE IT.

♥ JY 🙂


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