Day 25 of 300

Another busy day just went past like that!

The only good thing that happened today was that I saw my magic 4 numbers on a car plate again! Heh. This never fails to perk me up!

And I’ve never felt so down and depressed over shopping for clothes. Sighhhhhhs. After today’s experience with lots of wasted time, I’ve decided that I shall revamp my wardrobe by June 2014; but first, it has to start off with a new body! Toned and sleek body plus new exciting interesting playful wardrobe = attractive lady from inside to outside. YAYS.

So, work hard on earning the moolah for new wardrobe and burning the fats and calories!

275 more days to prepare myself to become gorgeous to welcome my big 3! PUSH IT BABY!

♥ JY 🙂


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