Day 55 of 300

JYJY, let these obstacles stretch your tolerance level and push your capacity to another level!

245 more days to turn the table around and show ’em what I’ve got! ROARRRRRRRRRR!

â™Ĩ JY 🙂


Day 53 of 300

Crap. I’ve been feeling nostalgic and slightly more emotional since last night till now. I haven’t felt like this for a long time, and I don’t like myself this way. I want myself to be emotionally and mentally strong and independent. This is one of the really rare days where I’m actually feeling lonely and emotionally tired; I just want to grab some beer, lie on a man’s shoulders and start whining and letting all my emotions out.


Well, I guess everyone has their up and down moments, just like the “down” moments I’m going through now. The difference is how people handle it. Ok fine, come on down moments, if you need to make a compulsory visit to my mind and heart. Please don’t stay for long, I need you to go away to make way for the up moments very soon ok!

Let’s make this last weekend of March and Q1 an awesome, productive and superb one to prepare for the exciting Q2 ahead!

247 more days for JY’s amazing 2014!

â™Ĩ JY 🙂

Day 52 of 300

Back to basics. This time round, let’s go back to basics, do the basic work well and lay the basic foundation steady. In this case, I will lay a safe bottom line for myself, and put myself on the grounds of success.

Time to do a revamp of this blog, introduce new elements and pages, and a more proper platform for personal branding. Watch this space! 😉

I should rest early! Goodnight world!

248 more days to rock the awesome year of transformation 2014!

â™Ĩ JY 🙂

Day 51 of 300

50 days have passed, which means one-sixth of my journey has passed!

Day 51 started off not too badly. Just met up with Boss and MD in the evening, there has been some changes to the system again. It gave me some uncertain emotions as I felt it was further away from my JYMDP goals. But thinking a little deeper, there are strong reasons to make this move too. I will probably need some time to digest and get this into my bones.

On my way back, I was watching my JYMDP video again. Suddenly I felt quite emotional halfway through. Given that I was feeling uncertain about the speed of completing my JYMDP, I suddenly wondered to myself: what will happen if this opportunity was taken away from me? How would I feel? How would my life be if I do not have this opportunity in my hands anymore? How would my life turn out if I cannot make JYMDP come true? Then, I started to feel really disturbed, with tears swelled in my eyes. I guess I will really go into a deep slumber and depression. No joke.

Be thankful for what you have in your hands already, for this is exclusive for you. Not everyone can see what you see, and know what you know. So, be very grateful and thankful to be able to have this last lifeline. Since you are the few chosen ones to hold this golden ticket in your hands, all the more you must be positive and create more golden tickets for many others as well. What goes around, comes around. When you spread joy and happiness, more joy and happiness will come back to you.

So, buck up JY! You have the opportunity, power and ability to change many people’s lives. Their happiness and freedom lie in your hands! JYJY!

249 more days to change people’s lives for the better, and bring them to the future, happiness and freedom they want!

â™Ĩ JY 🙂

Day 50 of 300

Another 10 days have gone by!

I feel much stronger and motivated today, it’s as if a piece of my core has been properly activated. YAYS! Am looking forward to the miracles I can create in the coming year!

I was doing some JYMDP calculation today, am glad and excited to know that I’m still on time! But I have to hurry and be ahead of time. Live a day as if it’s 3 days. Speed is of the essence!

Come to think of it, I always remind my student to focus on doing his Maths sums accurately and be so familiar with the questions such that he will become fast naturally. He tends to make a lot of careless mistakes and overlook on the entire picture when he focuses too much on speed. So, when you focus on doing the right things repeatedly until you are so familiar with it, speed will come naturally.

Note to JY: focus on doing the right things properly and repeatedly, speed will come naturally. Perfect practice makes perfect.


250 more days to unleash JY’s year of awesomeness!

â™Ĩ JY 🙂


Day 49 of 300

JY’s weather today is looking a little gloomy. There’s still some sunshine, but they’re hidden behind dark clouds and can only peek at the world through these clouds. It’s a fight between a glorious and sunny day, and a weeping rainy day.

The sunshine has a little edge over the rain today, which is a good sign. Sunshine is trying very hard to triumph over the raindrops, and wins by a small margin.

The chain of events which led to many people’s disappointments has already happened, and nothing can erase these emotions felt by them. Every single action and choice we make in every single second is being recorded down as history, and it can never be changed.

The only thing I can do now is to learn from these mistakes, let these failures push me even harder along the path towards success, and come back even stronger and higher.

Today, I must move at a speed twice as fast as I used to. I must put in twice as much effort as I used to. I must work darn harder than I used to. Only then can I build my future and recover the losses in the past.

I know, deep in my heart, that I will not go through tough and dark times for nothing. I know I am going through all these sh*t because I am built for something even bigger. These are trials and tests I must overcome along my journey towards success.


JYJY, I know I can. And I will do it. Just push yourself all the way. PUSH IT BABY!

251 more days to make everything worth!

â™Ĩ JY 🙂

Day 48 of 300

It feels damn good having thrown something disgusting and irritating out of your window! Another big procrastination monster killed!

And a consolation for me today. Ah gong’s number came up in 4D this evening, consolation prize. WAHAHA. My winnings are like, less than $10?! Cheap thrill, I know. I don’t buy lottery to strike rich, so no harm. But it’s a sign that things are turning in the right direction, and I know it will have to hit damn low, and thereafter I will bounce damn high. Just like a compressed spring.


Ok let’s retire for the day, get more sleep and wake up bright and early for spinning classes tomorrow! SPINNING!

252 more days to bounce back stronger and higher!

â™Ĩ JY 🙂

Day 46 of 300

Today I’ve felt super strong emotions which I haven’t felt for quite some time. An incident happened today, and it made me feel super hot as if there was fire burning within me. I realized I’ve been silent and lying low for way too long. It’s as if I’m being punched by many people in the face repeatedly, yet I made no attempts or am too weak to retaliate and fight back! What a loser!

Demi Lovato – Skyscraper on repeat mode:

Let it burn inside JY! Come back stronger! Be the fighter you have always been! GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

254 more days to rise from the ground like a skyscraper!

â™Ĩ JY 🙂