Day 24 of 300


It’s been another good day! Saw my favourite number on the train cabin today. ting ting~ I always feel a surge of excitement when I see my favourite number on the road, it means that the frequency is right and the macro-environment (or you can call it the universe) is working in alignment. YEA!

During the drinking session with YQ last night, he said he has got a great takeaway from our chat. I was telling him about the life partner I have in mind, that he is a charming man, and that he is someone who is passionate about life (exact words in Chinese: 热爱生命). To attract this man into my life, I should work towards becoming such a lady. The part about being passionate about life struck YQ quite deeply, he was repeating the words and thinking about it even while we were on the way home.


I guess we haven’t really been living for most of our lives, we probably have just been existing. Feel your heartbeat; there was a phase in my life where I often question myself: what does my heart beat for? After that dark phase of feeling lost, uncertain, doubtful and down, I’m glad to have walked out of that phase, step by step, on my way into a brighter and more glorious phase of my life.

Today, I feel thankful and grateful for all those lost and dark times in my life. Without those moments, I won’t have asked myself a question so important and intriguing; without that question I probably won’t be able to get back on my feet and kick start my life into a brand new phase again.

Right now, I need to connect my mind to my heart and soul. Mind body and soul in sync with each other.

276 more days to rock this awesome year, because I know I will, and I am willing to go through whatever challenge that comes my way. PUSH IT BABY!

♥ JY 🙂


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