Day 22 of 300


I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night today, grabbed my phone and saw that it was 5.55am in the morning. Any experts in numerology can explain this phenomenon to me? Any significance or signs coming from my subconscious mind? I’m so gonna take up numerology as a subject of interest – added into my bucket list!

A series of events happening from last night throughout today, is sapping my energy bit by bit. I can feel the energy level dropping, fuel tank going from half-full to only a quarter full; as if the meter is reaching a neutral point, any lower will be into the negative region. NO! STOP AND PULL MYSELF BACK! Transform this into something positive!

Also, I feel some emotions of being threatened, as if the external competition is getting stronger and stronger. I used to have this feeling before, and it was a few years back. A mentor used to tell me that it’s good that I’m feeling the heat of the competition because it means my fighting spirit and confidence is being challenged and poked (I hope I’m interpreting him correctly). Back then, I let this heat burn me up, just like how fire burns paper into ashes, and everything just went viral in a very wrong manner and direction, with all the negative and destructive vibes.

Looking back at it today, I realized I should have transformed this heat into something which can push me. I should let the heat burn WITHIN me, ignite that fire and fighting spirit within myself, so that the fire can burn brightly and strongly. The wind can blow out the flame, it can also make the fire burn stronger!

Thank you for giving me the chance to commit past mistakes so that I can correct and improve myself today to shine brightly tomorrow. I must push myself hard, focus all my energy into laying the brick, every single day. It’s been a fairly constructive day by far, and there is definitely room for improvement. Let’s work towards a fruitful morning yoga stretch tomorrow, and a constructive and engaging Wednesday.

278 more days for JY’s transformation! Can’t wait to see how the “finished product”, the transformed JY looks like! Woohoo~

♥ JY 🙂


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