Day 21 of 300


Sighs, woke up late this morning and missed my spinning and sh’bam classes. šŸ˜¦ Was quite looking forward to it last night! But, oh well, the day still carries on.

I know this quote is probably meant for a bigger perspective, like a new beginning or a new ending in a person’s phase of life or life stages. Today, I’m looking at it from the time frame of a day, 24 hours. I know, my perspective may be quite narrow or myopic, but to me, I think it just reminds me that in my life, I must keep moving forward, and keep advancing; be it from a perspective as short as a day, or a perspective as long as a life stage (usually in terms of years).

And it did carry on quite well! I met a student whom I used to teach, and she has grown up into a very fine lady! This is my second time bumping into her after I stopped teaching her. I’ll never forget that comment she made when we first bumped into each other some time last year. She said there’s this particular topic which I used to teach her, she remembered it so well that now she’s teaching it as well! Wow, I feel really honoured and proud to hear that! I’m feeling really happy that she is passing it onto other students. šŸ™‚

This reminds me of a movie which YQ got me to watch, Pay It Forward. I spent so much time trying to search it online, and finally found it. I’ve to say the meaning and impact behind this simple gesture of paying things forward is totally far-reaching, engaging and could potentially be “explosive”! If you pay a kind deed or positive vibes forward, more and more of such will spread around. Similarly, if you pay negative vibes forward, more of such will also be spread around. So, beware of what you pay forward, intentionally or unintentionally. Let’s talk about this movie again another day, I’d want to have a second watch again.

Today, I’m thankful for bumping into this lovely young lady, and for an overall constructive and efficient day. Despite the screw-up morning, the late afternoon and evening was still pretty decent! And, I’m looking forward to in-house morning yoga stretches in the comfort of my PJs and my lovely comfy room! Nameste~

279 more days of moving forward and advancing in all aspects of my life!

ā™„ JY šŸ™‚


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