Day 17 of 300

Namaste – I woke up to a morning of 30-min simple yoga stretch, with guided demonstrations and music from a YouTube video. Ahh, the power of YouTube! My thigh, hip and abdominal muscles (yes, hidden beneath layers and layers of fats) were quite sore for the entire day, but I think I’m starting to enjoy the feeling of sore muscles, cuz I know they are working! HAHA! No pain, no gain. No sore muscles, no fitness. PUSH IT BABY!

This morning, I paid a visit to my late grandparents at the temple, all by myself. This is another encounter of doing something for the first time in my life. So I had to prepare the stuff required for rituals, like the joss sticks, and went to buy their favourite food for them. It was quite an emotional experience, cuz I bared quite a lot of feelings in my heart out (since no one else was around). Tears just flowed down my face while I was talking. But I felt energized and recharged after that, cuz I’ve made a promise to ah gong and ah ma, and my other ancestors, and this will give me strength to push myself with strong focus and actions, every single day. So, I will lay the bricks one by one, and I only have to focus on laying the bricks. The house will be built naturally while I lay the bricks in the correct places.

I’m feeling grateful for becoming part of this family, with supportive parents who do not lose confidence in me and give me lots of freedom in my choices, and with doting grandparents who used to shower me with love, food, toys, etc, anything they could provide. I will focus on doing my part well and wholeheartedly, always pushing myself beyond my limits to achieve more breakthroughs. JYJY!

283 more days to rock this awesome year for the ox! Can’t wait for the day of achievement to arrive!

♥ JY 🙂


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