Day 16 of 300

Hello Yellow! It’s been an awesome day today!

I woke up bright and early today (just 15 minutes later than planned), brought my running shoes out of home, and finally stepped into the gym after inactivity for so long!

Processed with Rookie

I’ve finally made the first move towards fitness and my desired toned body, and started off with a 50-minute yoga class. Honestly speaking, I’m a super inflexible person, with long limbs and stiff bones, even friends whom I used to do yoga with found my poses funny and awkward. But, I’m quite surprised that I could still manage most of the poses today! I won’t say I can do all poses really well, I did struggle with a few, was shaking and trembling while I tried real hard to maintain my balance, and my thighs were still trembling even an hour after the class! But I’ve to say it feels super awesome and shiok (a really high emotion just like awesome) to just sweat the toxin out, and the slightly-sore muscles made me feel really good. While the beads of sweat went trickling down my forehead, glided down my face and eventually landed on the yoga mat like a raindrop falling onto the ground, I could totally imagine the picture of a suckling pig’s fats and oil dripping down its skin while being roasted!

The production of happy hormones during exercise are really getting to me, and I’m so looking forward to my next gym day (which is on next Monday). Before that, I’m just gonna practice some basic moves at home, like downward-dog and plank positions in the mornings.

Another thing which started my day really well; I dreamt of my late grandparents 🙂 And ah gong was standing right in front of me, slightly shorter than me, and his face was so clear! Ah ma was just shouting out to me to get me to the kitchen for some food. Although it was a very short-lived dream, it felt very sweet and I woke up feeling very blessed and warm. It kept me really happy for the entire day. I miss ah gong and ah ma.


JYMDP is back into radar as well! I’m much clearer of the tasks and actions required for the completion of this entire project, after a simple and constructive discussion with MD. So, it’s action time! WORK IT BABY!

Lastly, meet my new bedtime buddy from Ikea; his name is Charming 🙂

photo 2

Isn’t he charming and charismatic? Look at that pair of innocent eyes, filled with simplicity and pureness. He simply melts my heart! Ohhhhhhhh come here you! Hugssssssssss.

Today, I’m thankful once again, for an awesome day, and for a day filled with pleasant and beautiful events, especially with blessings from ah gong and ah ma. Thank you for another lovely, fruitful and beautiful day!

284 more days towards JYMDP, my journey towards happiness and freedom, and most importantly, to do well and make my family proud.

♥ JY 🙂


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