Day 13 of 300

OMG I’m into day 13, and the second week is ending! Feeling like I haven’t done much yet. So, what is stopping me?!?! JY, stop stopping yourself from creating the life of your dreams. If THIS is what I want, then I will go all out to seek solutions and learn the skills necessary to make this happen. I will do it whole-heartedly and channel all my energy in every waking moment into this cause. Yes, I will encounter difficulties, challenges and obstacles along the way. But, who cares? Just heck them cuz they’re just here to test if I’m resolute enough to see it through. If I’m firm and determined enough, these are just tiny issues since I will find ways and solutions to work them right. In comparison to my dream and cause, these obstacles are but just a piece of cake. My dream and cause is definitely way BIGGER and SCARIER than these obstacles! Now is the perfect timing to make my entire life right. NOW.

JY will go all out and make it happen!

287 more days of making awesome things happening every single day!

ā™„ JY šŸ™‚


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