Day 10 of 300

Hola! First 10 days of my 300 days of journey has passed, that makes up to ~3%. Time to do a short and quick review.

These 10 days started off good and positive, but I encountered some bumps and hiccups along the way. I realized that my life has been pretty much this way, always filled with many ups and downs. Each time I get affected by external circumstances or feel down, I take quite some time to recover. Yet, I seem to only recover to the previous level of positive energy. No wonder I seem to be always stuck in this vicious cycle of having to get out of negative mood. 😦

I guess the key is that, each time my energy level is brought down, when I recover I must bounce back to a higher level that before! Only then can I ensure that I’m constantly improving, always moving higher and higher. Else I’ll always get stuck at the same level and status quo, nothing changes.

I’d think this is how life/ energy levels would look like if plotted on a graph. Moreover, if my life is a horizontal straight line, I’d be dead. Haha.

Important lesson learnt today: always keep moving and improving; even when you encounter obstacles and challenges, all the more you’ll have to bounce back stronger!

Thank you for that bout of inspiration and realization that happened just within a split second. I must remember to express gratitude and be grateful for my every single day. (I just realized I haven’t been doing that for a few days! No wonder I can’t pick myself up.)

290 more days to bounce and leverage the positive energy levels!

♥ JY 🙂


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