Day 6 of 300

OMG I feel so silly.

YQ highly recommended me to watch this movie, Pay It Forward, cuz it is very related to the business that we are in now, and I reckon I’ll be able to derive some inspirations and ideas from it. So I happily searched YouTube for it, found a full movie version, and happily watched the movie till the end. Then, I was thinking back, so what is it about paying it forward that the movie is trying to tell me? COULD I HAVE WATCHED THE WRONG MOVIE?!

Yes, I did. I ended up watching this movie:

Well it was quite a light-hearted and funny movie. And the cute friendly animals featured in the movie made me feel like going on a farm stay for a few months to get up close and personal with animals!

Alrights, I shall go purchase the CORRECT movie online and watch it now. I believe it will be worth it! And perhaps one day, watching this “wrong” movie will be useful to me in some way!

294 more days on my journey to freedom and a farm stay treat after that!

♥ JY 🙂


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