Day 5 of 300

Hello hello!

It’s been a simple day thus far. I was originally looking forward to a good CNY dinner with the other 2 Js (Jon and JM), but it just felt weird. Everyone seemed to be eating with a heavy heart. Well I guess everyone has their good and bad days, so it’s fine. I’m happy enough with the food, and of course, we topped it up with 2 bottles of Tiger. Slurps!

鸡煲 in Singapore:

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鸡煲 in Shenzhen:

I know.. It’s a vast difference of heaven and earth. (Even the size and resolution of the pictures differ so much!) I’ve had tonnes of fun and very memorable moments with ex-comrades during our many overseas trips together in the past few years. As they say, 往事只能回味. The past is a good place to visit, but certainly not a good place to stay. So, I’m looking forward to going back to Shenzhen again for the food, beer, spa and all, with a stronger team of like-minded pioneers! Thank you for being part of all the good memories and for playing an important role in my life. 🙂

Lastly, a good and timely reminder for myself:

295 days to keep on moving and ride on my journey of freedom!

♥ JY 🙂


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