Day 3 of 300

Hola hola!

It’s been another wonderful day since I embark on this awesome journey. Every single day brings me pleasant surprises. 🙂

I bumped into one of the Dragon Boys, EK at Clementi MRT. It was just a matter of split second when I turned my head to see him, and him spotting me at the same time. It just takes a spark for us to establish eye contact, and stop to have a small chat. In less than an hour’s time, I bumped into another of the Dragon Boys, JH (EK’s good buddy) at Westgate! Honestly speaking, it was quite unbelievable for me, because it was also just a matter of split second for us to establish eye contact, while I was riding downwards on the escalator and he was just shopping around at that same level. I was quite taken aback, but also pleasantly surprised. Although I didn’t manage to talk much with each of the 2 boys, it was nice to just see them and connect a little.

There’s a Chinese saying: 出门遇贵人. So are they my 贵人? Or could I be their 贵人? Well whichever way it is, I think it doesn’t really matter. The message I’m getting from these 2 encounters is that I am moving in the correct direction; the thoughts I have, the actions I’m doing are on the right track, and these will assist me in achieving my dreams. More importantly, this journey of 300 days towards my freedom is a right choice that I’ve made for myself. You make the choice, then the choice makes you.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. I’d think it is the law of attraction doing its work, and the universe aligning our timings such that I establish eye contact with the 2 boys instantaneously. I believe that things happen for a reason; when you have made a choice and decision, the universe will drop clues and surprises around you to guide you along and ride the wave towards your success.

Lastly, my song of the year, which I heard it over the radio today while spotting a car plate of my favourite 4D number just 1 second later! HAHA! The universe working its magic on me again!

Thank you universe, for giving me signs and dropping little messages here and there to affirm me on my choice, strengthen my belief and give me courage to continue moving forward.

297 more days – like thunder gonna shake the ground!

♥ JY 🙂


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