Day 2 of 300


Day 2, met my favourite guy friend YQ for lunch. *waves hello!* I shared the birth of this blog with him, the look on his face was as if I was the last person on earth he knew who’d write a blog. 这样就对了!Since this is something he wouldn’t expect out of me, I’ll take it as one successful baby step outside of my comfort zone. YAYS. Lunch was great, as usual 😉

Had 2 encounters today; 1 meet up and 1 phone call, both relating to issues of the yesterday. Once again, I am reminded of the importance to devote my energy and focus on the important issue and bigger picture, and not let these negative issues dampen my spirits and distract my focus. I used to dwell on them, even though these issues are beyond my control. Dwelling on them just made me feel even worse and reluctant to do anything; it’s a plain waste of time. So, reminder to self is to transform anything that comes my way into useful and empowering energy to assist me in my actions and journey towards my freedom.

Here’s Walt Disney; I like many of his quotes and sayings (not just because we share the same birthday!)

Walt Disney Quote #1

Every day contributes to a page in your story of life; how will you write it?

This is very useful for me as well! I need this reminder almost everyday to keep myself on track in the right direction:

Lastly, the final result after overcoming all adversities:

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.

And I’m really excited and looking forward to see how the flower in me will bloom!

So, thank you life, for planting these trials and tribulations in my way, because I know these adversities are preparing me for much better and bigger things in life! I know I will be grateful for these encounters when I look back at my current situation, 5 years down the road. Let’s work hard and make these shitty situation worth! JYJY aka JY 加油!

298 more days to the blooming of beautiful and lovely flowers!

♥ JY 🙂


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