Day 1 of 300

大年初五 4 February 2014 11.08am 开工大吉 大吉大利!

Today marks the first day of my journey to freedom, so I decided that I shall do something which I usually don’t, that is to post a #selfie of my #ootd! Well, there’s always a first time to everything. Thanks for all the encouraging likes and positive comments!

It’s been a fruitful and fulfilling day thus far, filled with fairly positive feelings and great connections made with friends. 🙂

One important reminder for today: BE PATIENT, especially when you are looking at things in the long-term perspective. As long as you keep up with what you’re supposed to be doing every single day, the results will come naturally, probably even before you know it! Haste will ruin the entire plan, and you will end up wasting more time and effort. In short, 小不忍则乱大谋.

299 more days to rock the awesome year!

♥ JY 🙂


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