Day 24 of 300


It’s been another good day! Saw my favourite number on the train cabin today. ting ting~ I always feel a surge of excitement when I see my favourite number on the road, it means that the frequency is right and the macro-environment (or you can call it the universe) is working in alignment. YEA!

During the drinking session with YQ last night, he said he has got a great takeaway from our chat. I was telling him about the life partner I have in mind, that he is a charming man, and that he is someone who is passionate about life (exact words in Chinese: 热爱生命). To attract this man into my life, I should work towards becoming such a lady. The part about being passionate about life struck YQ quite deeply, he was repeating the words and thinking about it even while we were on the way home.


I guess we haven’t really been living for most of our lives, we probably have just been existing. Feel your heartbeat; there was a phase in my life where I often question myself: what does my heart beat for? After that dark phase of feeling lost, uncertain, doubtful and down, I’m glad to have walked out of that phase, step by step, on my way into a brighter and more glorious phase of my life.

Today, I feel thankful and grateful for all those lost and dark times in my life. Without those moments, I won’t have asked myself a question so important and intriguing; without that question I probably won’t be able to get back on my feet and kick start my life into a brand new phase again.

Right now, I need to connect my mind to my heart and soul. Mind body and soul in sync with each other.

276 more days to rock this awesome year, because I know I will, and I am willing to go through whatever challenge that comes my way. PUSH IT BABY!

♥ JY 🙂


Day 23 of 300

Hello Yello!

Just came back from drinks with YQ, it’s a really good and fruitful chat. Shared lots of thoughts and emotions, especially with beer. 😉 And we have made an agreement, that the next time we go drinking will be for a celebratory purpose! CHEERS!

It’s been a constructive day too, with some accomplishment today, with an important action included too. This is the 23rd day, I’m moving into day 30 very soon, which will be 10% of my 300 days of journey to freedom! Push it baby!

277 more days of sheer hard work, overcoming of obstacles and tasting the sweet success afterwards! JYJY!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 22 of 300


I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night today, grabbed my phone and saw that it was 5.55am in the morning. Any experts in numerology can explain this phenomenon to me? Any significance or signs coming from my subconscious mind? I’m so gonna take up numerology as a subject of interest – added into my bucket list!

A series of events happening from last night throughout today, is sapping my energy bit by bit. I can feel the energy level dropping, fuel tank going from half-full to only a quarter full; as if the meter is reaching a neutral point, any lower will be into the negative region. NO! STOP AND PULL MYSELF BACK! Transform this into something positive!

Also, I feel some emotions of being threatened, as if the external competition is getting stronger and stronger. I used to have this feeling before, and it was a few years back. A mentor used to tell me that it’s good that I’m feeling the heat of the competition because it means my fighting spirit and confidence is being challenged and poked (I hope I’m interpreting him correctly). Back then, I let this heat burn me up, just like how fire burns paper into ashes, and everything just went viral in a very wrong manner and direction, with all the negative and destructive vibes.

Looking back at it today, I realized I should have transformed this heat into something which can push me. I should let the heat burn WITHIN me, ignite that fire and fighting spirit within myself, so that the fire can burn brightly and strongly. The wind can blow out the flame, it can also make the fire burn stronger!

Thank you for giving me the chance to commit past mistakes so that I can correct and improve myself today to shine brightly tomorrow. I must push myself hard, focus all my energy into laying the brick, every single day. It’s been a fairly constructive day by far, and there is definitely room for improvement. Let’s work towards a fruitful morning yoga stretch tomorrow, and a constructive and engaging Wednesday.

278 more days for JY’s transformation! Can’t wait to see how the “finished product”, the transformed JY looks like! Woohoo~

♥ JY 🙂

Day 21 of 300


Sighs, woke up late this morning and missed my spinning and sh’bam classes. 😦 Was quite looking forward to it last night! But, oh well, the day still carries on.

I know this quote is probably meant for a bigger perspective, like a new beginning or a new ending in a person’s phase of life or life stages. Today, I’m looking at it from the time frame of a day, 24 hours. I know, my perspective may be quite narrow or myopic, but to me, I think it just reminds me that in my life, I must keep moving forward, and keep advancing; be it from a perspective as short as a day, or a perspective as long as a life stage (usually in terms of years).

And it did carry on quite well! I met a student whom I used to teach, and she has grown up into a very fine lady! This is my second time bumping into her after I stopped teaching her. I’ll never forget that comment she made when we first bumped into each other some time last year. She said there’s this particular topic which I used to teach her, she remembered it so well that now she’s teaching it as well! Wow, I feel really honoured and proud to hear that! I’m feeling really happy that she is passing it onto other students. 🙂

This reminds me of a movie which YQ got me to watch, Pay It Forward. I spent so much time trying to search it online, and finally found it. I’ve to say the meaning and impact behind this simple gesture of paying things forward is totally far-reaching, engaging and could potentially be “explosive”! If you pay a kind deed or positive vibes forward, more and more of such will spread around. Similarly, if you pay negative vibes forward, more of such will also be spread around. So, beware of what you pay forward, intentionally or unintentionally. Let’s talk about this movie again another day, I’d want to have a second watch again.

Today, I’m thankful for bumping into this lovely young lady, and for an overall constructive and efficient day. Despite the screw-up morning, the late afternoon and evening was still pretty decent! And, I’m looking forward to in-house morning yoga stretches in the comfort of my PJs and my lovely comfy room! Nameste~

279 more days of moving forward and advancing in all aspects of my life!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 20 of 300

The second batch of 10 days has passed! OMG! I must plan and use my time more effectively!

This is a very very important reminder for myself. I determine my own speed; the faster I move, the more I do, the nearer I am to my goals and dreams:

No one plan to fail, but we always fail to plan. So, to make sure that I can enjoy my gym classes thoroughly tomorrow morning, I need to wake up early and grab some light breakfast. For that to happen, I will sleep early tonight. See? Plan for it and you will make it work.

Also, I’m feeling quite excited for the gym classes tomorrow! For the first time in my life, I’ll be joining the spinning classes and sh’bam classes. YAYS!

280 more days to work it, speed up and accelerate my progress along my journey to happiness and freedom!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 19 of 300


There’s this article which is currently shared by a few friends on Facebook, with the title “Li Ka-Shing teaches you how to buy a car & house in 5 years”. I thought it looked interesting and useful, so I gave it (the original version in Chinese) a read today.

I have to say it first, that it doesn’t exactly teaches a person HOW to buy a car and house in 5 years; no concrete budgeting and planning with numbers and whatnot. But the article indeed includes several guidelines on how to make useful and positive adjustments to your daily life and monthly budgeting, especially on the latter. With so little to spare every month, all the more you’ll have to make it work for you. And you have to spend as little as possible on immediate needs, and devote the rest to “investments” which will reap future benefits. Emphasis is placed on activities which include networking and expanding your social circle, self-improvement and travelling.

Reading this article reminds me once again, that success is a way of life, it is a journey, a lifestyle, not a destination. The same applies for happiness, freedom, etc. Success is determined by what you do every single day, not by a one-off effort. This is the same perspective as the article from waitbutwhy, on directing your focus to laying the bricks, instead of building a house.

A remarkable, glorious achievement is just what a long series of unremarkable, unglorious tasks looks like from far away.

Often, the key to succeeding at something big is to break it into its tiniest pieces and focus on how to succeed at just one piece.

Another important reminder for me: no one plans to fail, but we often fail to plan. The exact words from the article: 人生是可以设计的,生涯是可以规划的,幸福是可以准备的。My translation: one is free to design his life and destiny, plan his career and milestones, and prepare for his happiness and bliss.

Being a person guilty of procrastination, I must add in one last phrase:

She turns her can’ts into cans, dreams into plans, and starts laying bricks, one by one, diligently.

281 more days to lay the bricks diligently to build my path towards happiness and freedom!

♥ JY 🙂

P/S See translated article here: Li Ka-Shing teaches you how to buy a car & house in 5 years

Original article in Chinese: (李嘉诚)教五年内买车买房

Day 17 of 300

Namaste – I woke up to a morning of 30-min simple yoga stretch, with guided demonstrations and music from a YouTube video. Ahh, the power of YouTube! My thigh, hip and abdominal muscles (yes, hidden beneath layers and layers of fats) were quite sore for the entire day, but I think I’m starting to enjoy the feeling of sore muscles, cuz I know they are working! HAHA! No pain, no gain. No sore muscles, no fitness. PUSH IT BABY!

This morning, I paid a visit to my late grandparents at the temple, all by myself. This is another encounter of doing something for the first time in my life. So I had to prepare the stuff required for rituals, like the joss sticks, and went to buy their favourite food for them. It was quite an emotional experience, cuz I bared quite a lot of feelings in my heart out (since no one else was around). Tears just flowed down my face while I was talking. But I felt energized and recharged after that, cuz I’ve made a promise to ah gong and ah ma, and my other ancestors, and this will give me strength to push myself with strong focus and actions, every single day. So, I will lay the bricks one by one, and I only have to focus on laying the bricks. The house will be built naturally while I lay the bricks in the correct places.

I’m feeling grateful for becoming part of this family, with supportive parents who do not lose confidence in me and give me lots of freedom in my choices, and with doting grandparents who used to shower me with love, food, toys, etc, anything they could provide. I will focus on doing my part well and wholeheartedly, always pushing myself beyond my limits to achieve more breakthroughs. JYJY!

283 more days to rock this awesome year for the ox! Can’t wait for the day of achievement to arrive!

♥ JY 🙂

Day 16 of 300

Hello Yellow! It’s been an awesome day today!

I woke up bright and early today (just 15 minutes later than planned), brought my running shoes out of home, and finally stepped into the gym after inactivity for so long!

Processed with Rookie

I’ve finally made the first move towards fitness and my desired toned body, and started off with a 50-minute yoga class. Honestly speaking, I’m a super inflexible person, with long limbs and stiff bones, even friends whom I used to do yoga with found my poses funny and awkward. But, I’m quite surprised that I could still manage most of the poses today! I won’t say I can do all poses really well, I did struggle with a few, was shaking and trembling while I tried real hard to maintain my balance, and my thighs were still trembling even an hour after the class! But I’ve to say it feels super awesome and shiok (a really high emotion just like awesome) to just sweat the toxin out, and the slightly-sore muscles made me feel really good. While the beads of sweat went trickling down my forehead, glided down my face and eventually landed on the yoga mat like a raindrop falling onto the ground, I could totally imagine the picture of a suckling pig’s fats and oil dripping down its skin while being roasted!

The production of happy hormones during exercise are really getting to me, and I’m so looking forward to my next gym day (which is on next Monday). Before that, I’m just gonna practice some basic moves at home, like downward-dog and plank positions in the mornings.

Another thing which started my day really well; I dreamt of my late grandparents 🙂 And ah gong was standing right in front of me, slightly shorter than me, and his face was so clear! Ah ma was just shouting out to me to get me to the kitchen for some food. Although it was a very short-lived dream, it felt very sweet and I woke up feeling very blessed and warm. It kept me really happy for the entire day. I miss ah gong and ah ma.


JYMDP is back into radar as well! I’m much clearer of the tasks and actions required for the completion of this entire project, after a simple and constructive discussion with MD. So, it’s action time! WORK IT BABY!

Lastly, meet my new bedtime buddy from Ikea; his name is Charming 🙂

photo 2

Isn’t he charming and charismatic? Look at that pair of innocent eyes, filled with simplicity and pureness. He simply melts my heart! Ohhhhhhhh come here you! Hugssssssssss.

Today, I’m thankful once again, for an awesome day, and for a day filled with pleasant and beautiful events, especially with blessings from ah gong and ah ma. Thank you for another lovely, fruitful and beautiful day!

284 more days towards JYMDP, my journey towards happiness and freedom, and most importantly, to do well and make my family proud.

♥ JY 🙂

Day 15 of 300

Call it Law of Attraction doing its magic again; while I was looking through an article shared by a friend through Facebook yesterday (I don’t normally scan through FB so in depth, and I hardly see this friend’s posts on my news feed), I thought this article was quite apt: How to Pick Your Life Partner. Seems like quite an interesting read! So I went in to check out on the article, and I saw this word in blue: procrastination. Great! It may just be the perfect article for the never-dying procrastinator like me!

So I spent almost an hour in total reading the 2-part article today, and found it really useful! I’ve to say the writer literally dissects the brain and mechanism of a procrastinator’s thought process, to the most minute detail I’ve seen by far. It’s as if he’s penning down my every thought and feeling, sometimes I’m even unaware that such a thought actually existed in my mind! I’m totally surprised and impressed with the level of details. Here are some key takeaways for me (original text from article in blue):

The procrastinator ultimately sells himself short. He ends up underachieving and fails to reach his potential, which eats away at him over time and fills him with regret and self-loathing.

I can’t express how strongly I feel for this statement. What’s the point of having so much potential inside me when I do not even activate a single bit of it and use it to my advantage? Work it, tap into my potential and my life will just sparkle!

Procrastinationthe action of ruining your own life for no apparent reason

Yes, a procrastinator is a plain stupid idiotic retarded moron. Stop being so stupid, no one is going to pity me for being stupid! URGH!

A remarkable, glorious achievement is just what a long series of unremarkable, unglorious tasks looks like from far away. No one “builds a house.” They lay one brick again and again and again and the end result is a house. 

Consistency and perseverance are the building blocks to success. And consistency seems to always be my weakness. Improve it day by day, bit by bit.

It makes no sense to leave the Dark Woods in favor of the Dark Playground—they’re both dark. They both suck to be in, but the big difference is the Dark Woods leads to happiness and the Dark Playground leads only to more misery.

2 choices: either I choose to “enjoy” the current moment of not doing anything (which isn’t exactly enjoyable as well), or I choose to put in actions which I know are useful for my future and lead me to my happiness. Be wise, always choose the one which will lead me to happiness.

You need to prove to yourself that you can do it.

Come’on baby, let’s do this together! Kill procrastination, take up immediate actions!

285 more days for me to rock this awesome year and make wise choices leading down the path of happiness and freedom!

♥ JY 🙂

P/S Check out the original articles from:

Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

How to Beat Procrastination